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Introducing the stunning jewelry collection by Mooniquecreation, featuring the powerful symbols of ancient Runes. Crafted from high-quality sterling silver and adorned with natural Ethiopian Black opals, these pieces are not only beautiful but also hold great significance.

The collection includes a Rune Necklace, perfect for both men and women, with a delicate yet sturdy chain and a viking rune pendant at the center. Each pendant is intricately designed with the runic symbol, representing different meanings and intentions.

These pieces are not just jewelry, but also serve as talismans, believed to bring protection, guidance, and luck to the wearer. The use of natural Ethiopian Black opals adds a touch of mysticism and elegance, making each piece truly unique.

Whether you are drawn to the beauty of these pieces or the symbolism behind them, this collection by Mooniquecreation is a must-have for anyone who loves jewelry with a deeper meaning. Each piece is carefully crafted with attention to detail, making them a timeless addition to your collection.

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Rune pendant "BERKANO"
  • $250.00
  • $220.00
Rune Opal pendant "FEHU"
  • $250.00
  • $220.00
Rune Black Opal pendant "ALGIZ"
  • $250.00
  • $210.00
Rune ring "JERA"
  • $150.00