Runes: Their Mystery and Practical Use

Runes: Their Mystery and Practical Use

What are Runes?

Runes represent an ancient alphabetic writing system originating from early Europe, notably prevalent in Scandinavia at the beginning of our era. The initial alphabet, known as the "Elder Futhark," consists of 24 symbols called runes.

Notably different from more modern alphabets, each symbol in the Nordic runes held not only a phonetic value but also symbolism intertwined with the magical and religious beliefs of the Scandinavians. Rune writing was more than a means of communication; it possessed sacred and mystical significance for people of that time.

Interestingly, the Viking runes commonly referred to today emerged as the "Younger Futhark," evolving from the Elder Futhark. Comprising 16 runes, the Younger Futhark is frequently encountered on artifacts and commemorative stones.

Purpose of Scandinavian Runes

Runes played an esoteric and magical role in the lives of ancient peoples. They were used for foreseeing the future, making prophecies, conducting rituals, and as a means of communicating with deities. Often carved onto stones, trees, swords, and even worn as adornments, each rune symbolized unique aspects of life.      

For instance, , the Fehu rune, considered the symbol of wealth and abundance, actually represents a great horned cattle. When observed closely, the rune resembles horns. But why wealth?

In ancient times, northern communities lived in harsh climates, where their primary wealth and survival depended on their cattle and husbandry. Having a large horned cattle meant survival through winter - a source of food through milk and meat, skins for warmth. Thus, they held great value in large cattle.


Runes Today

Times have changed, and we now use the Latin alphabet, leaving behind the ancient runes. Nevertheless, these intricate symbols remain carriers of internal energy, generously shared with us. Though we no longer measure wealth by the quantity of cattle, the Fehu rune continues to bestow abundance, not just in financial-material terms but in a broader sense - in your personal understanding of abundance.

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