The day when Moonique visited us for the first time.
It was a beginning of the way which we follow to this day.
We remember that day as some kind of warm all-consuming phenomenon, he chose us for a reason, or simply. Maybe we are similar? He’d been speaking to us about eternity and beauty and did not mind that this conversation was overheard.
It was about feeling and Vlad and I felt it even more than understood wats conversation are about.
Moonique appeared to us from the depths of the cold and unknown space at the same time from deep inside of our soul. We think he is a resident of one of those galaxies that you can only read about in books. Does he have family or friends, maybe he is alone?

We often look up to just see, to ask questions without waiting for answers. How often do you feel that you are really ready to discover. That night we became the ones who was ready to knew something absolutely new. He found and chose us because we saw, felt and could realize what he wanted to give others.

The products are inspired and carry a deep history with the great meaning, we tried to do everything as accurately as possible and at the same time bring something of our own.
The jewelry, helps you to have a unique opportunity to come closer to the discovery and knowledge of the inner you. Harmony and tranquility are two accompanying phenomena of these unique products.

Our deepest desire is that everyone would feel the energy of MOONIQUE.
That's why we make every order individually for you, thus extending an invisible thread of connection between you and the endless, eternal space.
Don't be afraid to be unique.